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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Diagnostician, Special Education09/25/2021Certified126 - Castaneda Elementary SchoolApply
Diagnostician, Special Education09/24/2021Certified127 - Sanchez Elementary SchoolApply
Instructional Assistant, Special Education09/24/2021Classified002 - Memorial High SchoolApply
Part-Time CTE Department Clerk09/24/2021Classified827 - Department of Career & TechnologyApply
Instructional Assistant, Career & Technology (CTE)09/24/2021Classified001 - McAllen High SchoolApply
Diagnostician, Special Education09/24/2021Certified112 - Wilson Elementary SchoolApply
Substitute Teacher09/23/2021Certified & Classified999 - District WideApply
Secondary Teacher, Science09/23/2021Certified002 - Memorial High SchoolApply
Clerk, Campus09/21/2021Classified002 - Memorial High SchoolApply
Teacher, Special Education PPCD09/20/2021Certified116 - Seguin Elementary SchoolApply
Instructional Assistant, Special Education09/20/2021Classified112 - Wilson Elementary SchoolApply
2021-22 Part-Time Title I Paraprofessional Tutors09/10/2021Classified999 - District WideApply
Instructional Assistant, Physical Education09/08/2021Classified047 - Cathey Middle SchoolApply
2021-22 Part-Time Professional Migrant Tutor (MS/HS)09/07/2021Certified & Classified828 - Department of Migrant ProgramsApply
2021-22 Part-Time Paraprofessional Migrant Tutors (Elem/Secondary)09/07/2021Classified828 - Department of Migrant ProgramsApply
2021-22 Instructional Assistant, At-Risk09/07/2021Classified126 - Castaneda Elementary SchoolApply
Teacher, Dyslexia09/02/2021Certified126 - Castaneda Elementary SchoolApply
Teacher, CTE Business Education/Business Finance or Marketing09/02/2021Certified001 - McAllen High SchoolApply
ESSER Student Learning Facilitator (Elementary)09/01/2021Certified106 - Houston Elementary SchoolApply
Teacher, Physical Education09/01/2021Certified044 - Brown Middle SchoolApply
2021-22 Navarro Evening Study Center - Part-Time Teachers08/26/2021CertifiedNavarro Parent & Community CenterApply
2021-22 Part-Time Professional Parent Educator/Job Skills Instructor for Navarro Parent & Community Center08/26/2021CertifiedNavarro Parent & Community CenterApply
Head Nurse08/23/2021Certified006 - Nikki Rowe High SchoolApply
Teacher, Assistant Director (Mariachi)08/17/2021Certified002 - Memorial High SchoolApply
Clerk, Special Education08/04/2021Classified814 - Department of Special Education ServicesApply
2021-22 Teacher, Elementary Music08/02/2021Certified123 - McAuliffe Elementary SchoolApply
2021-22 Part-Time After School Safe & Secure Child Care Aide08/02/2021Classified999 - District WideApply
ESSER Part-Time Intern-Technology Support Technician07/29/2021Classified807 - Department of TechnologyApply
2021-22 Part-Time Child Nutrition Workers07/26/2021Classified816 - Central KitchenApply
2021-22 Part-Time Title I Professional Tutors07/20/2021Certified & Classified999 - District WideApply
Dispatcher07/20/2021Classified809 - Department of TransportationApply
2021-22 Part-Time At-Risk Professional Tutors07/20/2021Certified & Classified999 - District WideApply
Teacher, Science Lab07/20/2021Certified046 - De Leon Middle SchoolApply
ESSER Technician Assistant, Special Education Behavior06/24/2021Classified999 - District WideApply
2021-22 Bus Aide06/24/2021Classified809 - Department of TransportationApply
ESSER Instructional Assistant, Kindergarten06/24/2021Classified999 - District WideApply
Counselor, Regional Day School for the Deaf06/17/2021Certified814R - Regional Day School Program for the DeafApply
2021-22 Varsity Wrestling Assistant Coach / Teacher06/15/2021Certified001 - McAllen High SchoolApply
2021-22 Varsity Volleyball Assistant Coach / Teacher06/15/2021Certified001 - McAllen High SchoolApply
2021-22 Teacher, Dyslexia06/10/2021Certified002 - Memorial High SchoolApply
2021-22 Part-Time Athletic Department Game Workers06/09/2021Classified804 - Department of AthleticsApply
2021-22 Instructional Assistant, Computer Lab06/03/2021Classified002 - Memorial High SchoolApply
2021-22 Instructional Assistant, Special Education06/03/2021Classified999 - District WideApply
2021-22 Co-Teacher, Special Education06/01/2021Certified999 - District WideApply
2021-22 Teacher, Health Science Technology05/21/2021Certified002 - Memorial High SchoolApply
2021-22 Head Orchestra Director, Middle School05/14/2021Certified042 - Travis Middle SchoolApply
2021-22 Instructional Assistant, In School Suspension05/05/2021Classified042 - Travis Middle SchoolApply
2021-22 Secondary Teacher, Math04/05/2021Certified999 - District WideApply
2021-22 Teacher, Bilingual Elementary04/04/2021Certified999 - District WideApply